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June 2015



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27. 5. 19.00

V&A – Glastonbury: Land and Legend

exhibiton opening

Jaroslav Fragner Gallery

Victoria and Albert Museum - Glastonbury: Land and Legend
Location: Jaroslav Fragner Gallery
Showcasing previously unseen footage captured at the Glastonubry festival in 2014, this installation explores the ethos of the largest green field performance festival in the world. Emerging from the idyllic Somerset countryside, the festival shapes and is shaped by this distinctive topography, which has been imbued with significance through centuries of myth and legend. Rooted in 1970s hippie culture, Glastonbury remains a platform for people from far and wide to come together in the Somerset countryside, to explore alternative societal narratives and tribes, promote Green politics and have five days of fun with the music, the mud and the madness in this shared space.

Kate Bailey, Exhibition Curator and Producer; Emily Harris, Film Installation Director and Producer; Helen Gush, Project Coordinator; Luke Halls, Video Designer; Gareth Fry, Sound Designer; Location Film Crew at Glastonbury 2014: Candida Richardson, Nick Gordon Smith, Gabrielle Levine, Jonathan Bentovim, Leanne Dimant, Gareth Fry, Rod Anderson, Sara Hill