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June 2015


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17. 6. 20.00

Performing Prague

Archa Theatre

Phrasing the PainPhrasing the PainPhrasing the Pain
Location: Archa Theatre

A brand new piece, made-to-measure for a leading Czech contemporary dance company 420PEOPLE by the reputed innovator Ann Van den Broek, among other things the awardee of the Dutch dance prize Zwaan she gained with Co(te)lette. A compelling choreography, transformative force, rhythm and intense emotions.

Seven years after the first show in Prague, 420PEOPLE are an established and sought after label both in the Czech Republic and abroad. To the Czech public they have mediated the work of important names of the international scene, from Kylián to Naharin, from Teshigawara to Van den Broek. The focal point of the company's activities remains the original creation of the founding tandem Václav Kuneš and Nataša Novotná, artists insisting on exceptional level of dance interpretation and professionalism.



Ticket here: http://www.divadloarcha.cz/en/predstaveni/ann-van-den-broek-420people-phrasing-the-pain/?date=2015-06-17