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June 2015


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18. 6. 15.00-15.40

SpaceLab/Zlomvaz Festival

student performance

DAMU - Řetízek

4 Months of Oslo4 Months of Oslo
Location: DAMU - Řetízek

The Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (DAMU)

After a four-month stay in Norway, I wrote a fable about a cock and a crow. The story contrasts the Czech Republic with Norway and laziness with workaholism. Story art and theatre, a story without words, a story unfolding in images drawn in front of the eyes of the viewer. A scenic feature on the boundary of a puppet performance, art project and music clip. Live music combined with piano and sensors by Jan Šikl.

Story, Design and Performer: Tereza Vydarená
Music: Jan Šikl
Director: Dana Račková