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June 2015


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18. 6. 13.00-14.10

SpaceLab/Zlomvaz Festival

student performance


But After All, How Many Are We?
Location: DAMU - DISK

The Federal Fluminense University, Brazil

In this landscape play, performers seek metamorphosis, rather than a fabled narrative action. Combining multiple realities, energy fluxes and virtual images while adding the living presence of performers' bodies and Luigi Pirandello’s poetry, a ghostly world is created, traversed by heterogeneous languages/theatricalities.

Performers: Amanda Calabria, Carlos Bruno, Danuza Formentini, Gabriel Torres, Gabriel Ferri, Joana Caetano, Karla Abreu, Nathalia Cantarino, Philippe Ariel, Thati Verthein, Nathan There, Mika Makino, Davi Pontes
Screenplay, Mise-èn-scene, Movement Director, Scenography & Scene Designer: Martha Ribeiro
Production & Video Operator: Geovana Araujo Marques
Production Assistant & Stage Manager Assistant : Helena Damin
Advertising & Social Media Director: Isadora Marzano
Make-up Artist & Sound Operator: Gabi Bandeira
Sound Technician: Diego Paiva
Light Operator, Physical Preparation & Ballet Choreography: Thiago Piquet