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June 2015


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21. 6. 11.00-11.10

SpaceLab/Zlomvaz Festival

student street performance

Jungmann Square

Kafka Dances
Location: Jungmann Square

Victorian College of the Arts

Kafka Dances performed by Victorian College of the Arts Postgraduate & Masters students in Performance Creation, Directors & Designers.

The alienated Czech writer Franz Kafka is seen as an embattled figure worn down by the sheer relentlessness of existence.

This piece situates the audience as witnesses to his endless winter. There’s then an eruption of exuberance from dancers whose energy overlaps with the trace of Kafka’s abject despair, swinging it towards strange ecstasy.

Director/Co-creator: Cathy Hunt
Designer/Co-creator: Chantal Marks
Performers: Alicia Aulsebrook, Paulette Brooks, Jimmy Dalton, Iris Gaillard, Penelope Harpham, Cathy Hunt, Eloise Kent, Shannon Loughnane, Chantal Marks, Daniel Moulds, Justin Nott