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June 2015


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18. 6. 11.00-11.30

SpaceLab/Zlomvaz Festival

student street performance

Jungmann Square

Desbunde Goes to Prague
Location: Jungmann Square

Brasília University (UNB/Brazil)

In Portuguese, Desbunde means to lose self-control, to cause impact, to shock. In the artistic action "Desbunde goes to Prague", the students of Universidade Brasilia (Brazil) are questioning: Is it possible to cause Desbunde in the contemporary world? The performers will propose visual changes and the participants will transfigure themselves in a simple and familiar way conducted by our action.

Professor/Advisor: Marcello Girotti
Performers: Ana Brandão, Lidiane Léllis, Lindomar Alencar Leal, Rodrigo Vitório, Thais Kuri
Photo credit: Emília Silberstein